Platform Tennis

One of the most popular and fastest growing sports at the Club is it's Platform Tennis program. In 2020, the Club installed brand new pickleball courts and has a separate facility dedicated specifically to paddle/platform tennis. Our members can always find a rousing game on the weekend's throughout each season and enjoy the competitive nature of our Club Championships!

Platform tennis is a game of finesse, patience and strategy. Typically played as a doubles sport, paddle is known for its fun pace of play, camaraderie and good sportsmanship amongst its players. Generally the sport is played during the cool and cold weather months in New England, but has been increasingly becoming more popular as a year-round sport at many clubs throughout the region.


Platform tennis is played on raised aluminum planks with composite paddles instead of strung racquets and a sponge like rubber ball. The court is one-third the size of a traditional tennis court and is surrounded by tight wire fencing. The screened fencing allows balls to be played off the wall while still remaining in play.

Scored exactly like tennis, the first team to win 6 games wins the set. The general strategy is that the serving team always starts with control of the net to begin the point. Then the simplified objective of the returning team is lob over the opponent’s heads to gain the advantage of being able to take the net.

For more information and how you can sign up to participate, please visit!


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